Author Brenda-Lee Ranta – Cancer of Functionality

an excerpt from my book

Creative Talents Unleashed

I wish I could rip fear out of my chest;

surgical solution, like a tooth extraction

Immobilizing fear from nowhere,

gripping fear from everywhere

Reduced; a woman to child in seconds,

humiliated, my shaking hands are visible,

dry tongue pasted firmly to my palate,

thundering heart, breath shallow, thin,

ears abuzz, louder than fluorescent lighting,

racing thoughts of dread, trying to escape,

“where are the exits?” a self escape even

Houdini can’t accomplish; trapped inside

with yourself, wanting to simply vanish

immobilizing fear from nowhere

gripping fear from everywhere

Shame will come later, once the terror

leaves, begging it to leave; “please leave,”

how can I be so strong and withstand this;

how can I be so weak and allow this?

Proficient to inept in one fell swoop,

detesting myself, then forgiving myself,

damned dichotomy, cursed dichotomy,

this affliction, this condition, this raging

cancer of functionality; putrid anxiety!

Immobilizing fear…

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Every day is another drop in my bucket of life
I see my time waning with each passing day,
desiring to be seen or recalled as a ‘verb,’
never a noun; urgency to say it all
unspoken words in my tired heart
there is an urgency to get it right
leaving something of value behind

Every day is another drop in the sea of life
so many have travelled this road before,
desiring to be remembered as a verb,
never an adjective, lost desires within
to have left something tangible behind
in their children, their grandchildren,
in words spoken, deeds done, legacies

Remember me as deeply passionate
about the things that really matter
Remember me as unabashedly a woman;
proud to have been a meaningful lover,
a compassionate partner, a tender
mother, a gentle person, a forgiving
soul, remember me as a verb

Loved, cared……………


©Brenda-Lee Ranta


I heard a silence that was piercing
spoken in a look
his inflections
his movement
in body language
Reverberation, inaudible voice
it moved in me
it shook me
it excited me
in anticipation

Long held glances hold power
when given by the one I love
his silences can fill my head

with sweet sound

©Brenda-Lee Ranta

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A Kiss

I knew I loved him, with each conversation,
the park bench knew the gravity of emotion;
it weighed indelibly upon each wood plank,
that should have had our names carved there

He leaned against my car, a gentle breeze
fluttering the top of his hair, eyes shielded
from the sun, tall figure of a man, relaxed
figure, with a drawl when he spoke to me

My brain screamed silently, “don’t
watch my mouth form words – kiss
me, for the love of God, just kiss me!”
The silent scream, must have been heard
He leaned down, pausing inches from my
face, peering into my eyes with tenderness;
he met my mouth with his, until…

I was consumed
I was consumed

©Brenda-Lee Ranta