My thought hangs in suspended
animation, known only to me
My mouth moves in soundless
formations, audible in my head
I want
I want
I need
I need

Flesh screaming its desire
to silent tongue, salient as
teeth bite my lower lip, hush
my pleading, pride is precedence
See me
See me
I am woman
I am woman

I see my thoughts fly to the
ceiling, into a corner with
my other muted thoughts
that love has gathered there
I want
I need
See me
I am woman

©Brenda-Lee Ranta

Featured Writer: Brenda-Lee Ranta

I am honored to be the featured writer today!

Creative Talents Unleashed

Dante’s Brush

It seeps in, a constant drip which bows the canvas of the psyche,

the weight of it finally permeating within, filling each crevice

Resilient but not invincible, she bowed to it, conceded to it, till,

from the strain, from the constant drip of it; she became flawed

Try as she might to return to former innocence, where anything

was possible, she was irreparably changed, distorted where straight

lines used to be, they curved into ugly places, blocking out her light

Never throw rocks at what seeped in; she tried to recall innocence

There are tears in the dark, while blocking out the voices, from a steady

drip of the subliminal messages; that her clean white canvas received

There are tears through the years, as clarity fades the truth of it, that

someone else spread the disease of it, steady drips, bowing her canvas

‘Hug your knees tightly, rest…

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Introducing Kesau’c N. Hill “Serengeti Noise”

Inspiration plus

Creative Talents Unleashed

Serengeti Noise

Preface . . .

Before I ever knew what a “man” was, I was found guilty of taking the life of one. Before my age could tolerate the reality of manhood I was made into one in the worse place that one could be made. Sixteen years old and sentenced to serve 15 years to life in the California Department of Corrections, gangs would become my ultimate death style. The classical portrait of a young black male, full of rage, marginalized and destined to implode, but that’s just one episode. GOD put a spirit in me obviously, worth saving. Deep within the bowels of the prison, I was sent three MENTORS who would become the necessary bridges I’d need in order to cross some pretty disturbing waters.

The first was my uncle Gary Williams, Sr. my parental mentor. He would visit me throughout my most defining years. We’d play…

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Sweet Secret For Helen Ranta

Her secrets have gone with her
She had a dewiness in her eyes
that spoke of something tender,
yet filled with a thousand tears

I thought of her often, although
she was gone long before my birth
I felt I knew her, a satin dress hidden
in a basement trunk, a tube of red lipstick,
dried and caked in its gold cylinder,
a hair comb made of tortoise shell
that held back her golden hair,
a black ribbon in a wooden
box, a tarnished brooch with an
aquamarine stone, her signature
scribed in an old faded textbook,
black and white blurry photos, bent,
creased; of a school girl smile


Did no one weep for you sweet
girl, did no one care enough to
say your name out loud again?
receiving dead stares when I did

You were my aunt, the family
secret that never was, that you
would take your life at seventeen;
such anguish for a girl, yet a babe

I say to you, oh lost sweet soul,
your blood flows within me
I shall not forget you, I shall
declare your pain dear child

Your seizures that caused
you to fall on the floor, legs
akimbo, eyes lolling, body
contorted, is not your shame

Your mother shamed you but
I shall not, sweet child, I shall
not!  I claim you as my own,
whispering, ‘I love you Helen.’

 For all of eternity, her remorse
shall be her own, for scorning
the very fruit of her womb, for
stripping you of any worthiness

Rest peacefully, in the knowledge
that I will not forget you
in shamed silence.

You had value.

©Brenda-Lee Ranta










CTU Press Release: Contributors Announcement – Down The Rabbit Hole 2017 Anthology

Support the Starving Artist Fund! A light hearted Anthology to make you smile!!

Creative Talents Unleashed

Congratulations to the following contributors whom have been chosen for the literary publication of Down The Rabbit Hole.

Down The Rabbit Hole Contributors:

D.B. Hall – Time, Rainbow Slide,Unrestrained Dreams

Ann Christine Tabaka – All Smiles – (Cheshire)

Susan E. Birch – Cabbages and Kings, I Am Woman, You Are Mad Dear Grandma

Tracy Seiden – Drink Me, Dorothy’s Discovery

Amrita Valan – A Nonsense Adventure! (The Best Kind) Part 1, A Nonsense Adventure! (The Best Kind) Part 2

Christa Frazee – Unchained Alice, Home Sweet Home

Maggie Mae – Ruby Slippers, Wonderland

Jaqui Slade – Mad Hearted Crazy, Dorothy

Kelly Klein – The Wizard of Od

Tammy S. Thomas – Winky Willy World, My Blue Shoes, Larry and the Fly

Shawn Chang – A Cat’s Early Morning Walk

Justin R. Hart – A Wish in the Wings, Autumn’s Ascending Spring

Ariana V. Cherry – The Circus, Chasing Rainbows…

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