Featured Writer: Brenda-Lee Ranta

I am honored to be the featured writer today!

Creative Talents Unleashed

Dante’s Brush

It seeps in, a constant drip which bows the canvas of the psyche,

the weight of it finally permeating within, filling each crevice

Resilient but not invincible, she bowed to it, conceded to it, till,

from the strain, from the constant drip of it; she became flawed

Try as she might to return to former innocence, where anything

was possible, she was irreparably changed, distorted where straight

lines used to be, they curved into ugly places, blocking out her light

Never throw rocks at what seeped in; she tried to recall innocence

There are tears in the dark, while blocking out the voices, from a steady

drip of the subliminal messages; that her clean white canvas received

There are tears through the years, as clarity fades the truth of it, that

someone else spread the disease of it, steady drips, bowing her canvas

‘Hug your knees tightly, rest…

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