Old Blind Men ~ Chasing Rainbows – Author Hugh Dysart

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Old blind men, chasing rainbows,

tripping fairies and carnival clowns

Eyes once open will forever close

Old blind men, in their old hometowns

Old blind men, sit warming their bones,

on park benches and garden swings

Jesus sandals carry them home,

where Jimi plays and Janis sings

Old blind men, thumb from the past,

the future waves from empty cars

When life’s winners finish last,

old blind men become the stars

Pinhole cards move wooden pegs,

ponytailed voices, smoky and grey

Yellow fingers swirl ancient dregs,

old blind men, not fade away.

Bagpipe winds march,

across childhood waters

Waters once as sweet as wine,

from a debutante’s glass slipper

Now smelling of a whore’s weeds

When I was a boy,

swimming those sweet waters,

with my father

I feel his strong hands,

pulling me up on the rocks

Where we stand forever

Old blind men, chasing rainbows,

with cloudy eyes…

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