Oak Tree Requiem

No sound emitted from ivory keys
Years beneath the oaks, discarded
decades long gone, beyond charred
remnants of an old wood farmhouse

Oak branches grew inside the case
of the old upright, breaking through
hammer boards which split into
twisted forks of wooden bouquets

Lovers names are carved into the
tree trunk, looming as the marriage
registry of long dead lovers, their
songs trapped in a strangled piano

Ivory begging to be played once more
to relive the revelry of emancipation,
reviving voices that once circled it,
choruses of harmonies, arms entwined

Spirits live among its branches, family
tree encircling the harpsichord, where
silent voices live within, ivory screams
for remembrance, branches growing up

praying for remembrance.

©Brenda-Lee Ranta


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