Sinner’s Road – Author Hugh Dysart

an excerpt from Sinner’s Road – new release!

Creative Talents Unleashed

Knights, bareback on a storm,

stardust, runs in the rain

Walk barefoot on a teardrop,

lovers splashing in the pain

Babies fall from heaven,

in the tears of Mary

Raging rivers of humanity,

chaos in formation

Children, garden swing laughter,

never knowing, never caring

Lost souls at the crossroads,

only God knows the way home

Sinner’s Road, bitter and twisted,

tainted saints, lost in the rain

Angels, weep in a teardrop,

lovers, drown in the pain

Babies fall from heaven,

on snowflakes and pearls

Cleanse the fields of discontent,

make this land holy again

Walking barefoot on a teardrop,

babies dancing in the rain

© Hugh Dysart

Sinner's Road

Excerpt from the book Sinner’s Road

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

302579_242748782435233_4426381_nAbout the Author

Hugh Dysart is a long-time musician, songwriter, poet and lyricist. Hugh has been playing blues and rock for almost fifty years and writing…

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