Love in a Strobe Light – Author Brenda-Lee Ranta

an excerpt from my second book..

Creative Talents Unleashed


a call came in, barking 10 Codes, the

implications clear, back-up required,

lights and sirens; love in a strobe light

he knew them well, monthly trysts of

lacerations, hematomas, bloody fist

kisses; blackened eyes closed shut

still they’ll stay, still neighbours save

them from themselves, screaming,

crying, punching with blood lust

straddled over her, foamy curses

bellowed into her face, waving her

clumps of hair; his prize, his trophy

again they pull him off of her, one

more time; his partner waits for others

to arrive to stitch her back together

she leaves by sirens that save her

life; he leaves in handcuffs, giving

his well rehearsed diatribe of remorse

time apart will soften her, ‘he wouldn’t be

so jealous if he didn’t love me;’ time apart

fuels his wrath – ‘saves it up for next time’

they write in their notebooks, the same

synopsis as last month –…

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