New Release “A Soul Passenger” by Brenda-Lee Ranta

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A Soul PassengerBook Description: Every man and woman longs to find a love that is unconditional. This book is the autobiographical account of a woman and a man, who against all odds, found each other; resuming something mystical that existed long before the annals of earthly time and space.

This is the actual account of two people who came into what is known as “The Sacred Union or Twin Soul Reunion.” Nothing on earth prepares two people for this encounter, but once they find each other, there is a magnetic energy pulling at them, stronger than any other human encounter they have experienced. This book speaks of personal struggles, horrific fears, running stages and the final acquiescence to what has been preordained; lest they never sleep another peaceful night.

This is not a union made of fluff or fairy tales.  Rather, it is the awakening of two sleeping

beings, who truly awoke…

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