A Soul Passenger – Prologue

Opening excerpt from my novel.. 💓

Creative Talents Unleashed

A Soul PassengerPrologue …

As the snow recedes,

the Ides of March reveal

that which was buried far beneath ~

impregnated life awaiting new birth in spring

Against all better judgement, she agreed to meet him at the park. Tiny mounds of dirty snow were barely visible on that damp, grey March day.

She had agreed she would be there on her lunch hour; finally putting a face to his words. They had met on-line through a mutual friend, never imagining herself actually agreeing to rendezvous with a total stranger. It was the antithesis of everything she was, however she was driving there.

His first words to her in an in-boxed message had been, “you have secrets.” She was shocked at his impetuous opening statement to her, however it was true. She had many secrets. She was experienced at hiding her sad, sordid life, wearing a façade of being capable, strong. They…

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