I am the three way mirror
in a shop dressing room
slivers of myself are
various periods of my life
both the
and clarities
I saved them all for you,
when you see me as whole
without my gaping wounds
“the innocent little girl,”
who never did go too far
frightened me
fear prepared me for
the bullet holes
and knife wounds
through my heart
should I gaze at my images
in the infinite,
my metaphor
this three way mirror
where nothing ever really began
never really ended
it just goes on
my distortions and clarities
My darling,
I saved them all
to give to you

©Brenda-Lee Ranta



Coffee cups piling up
snuffed cigarette butts
forming neat pyramids;
to summons the spirit
of Ra; be our inspiration 

Smoke circling  upwards,
tobacco incense offerings;
etched thoughts, revelations
to ourselves, we know not
from where they come,
proliferous meanderings
that slept deep within
the recesses of our minds
awakening now
in coffee cups
and funeral pyres
in our ashtrays;
a testament
to our diligence
or indulgence

©Brenda-Lee Ranta

Find Me

Find me in silent spaces
I grow weary of vexations
That gnaw at my mind
Erode my spirit
Fatigue my body

Find me in peaceful places
Moss beneath my feet
Leaves dancing above me
Soothing to skin
Melody to my ears

Find me on a summers day
Find me where you seek solace
Find me on the moonlit night’s
I will wait there
In the silent spaces

©Brenda-Lee Rantaforest-483206_1280

The Appointment

I watched from across the room,
a pensive face, eyes that fluttered
Her crossed leg was tapping air
Emitting long, audible sighs;
sucking at her teeth, clucking
Snatching her cell phone from
her bag, long red nails clicked
a text message; lipstick matching,
a fire engine red; daring choice
She swiped up the Chatelaine
magazine, absently flipping pages;
as skittish as a deer in the woods
when branches crack in the distance
Blowing long hair out of her face,
absently tucking it behind her ear
Again her eyes perused the room,
meeting my gaze momentarily
She looked at her watch, resumed
the magazine and foot air tapping
Her name was finally called out,
“Ellen, the doctor will see you now.”
I was immediately relieved for her,
sighing audibly, involuntarily,
while checking my own watch.

©Brenda-Lee Ranta


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