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On the moon’s craggy canvas, our brains brushstroke a face with droopy lids and fleshy smile from craters and ancient lava flows. We spot Demeter on a russet, the Virgin Mary in a quesadilla, Our Lady of Lourdes on an oak bark, reclining woman as Mt. Tamalpais, amazons battling cumulus nimbus, a smiley face […]

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When I Say….

If I say ‘I love you,’
I have pledged my allegiance to you,
promising to stand by you, through your
victories and in your defeats

If I say ‘I love you,’
I am blind to appearance, for I loved your soul first and recognized it long ago; it is forever timeless

If I say ‘I love you,’
I am telling you I respect you, whether we agree or disagree; authentic love
has no condition

If I say ‘I love you,’
know that you have touched my mind, body and soul, in a way no other being ever could

If I say ‘I love you,’
I could never betray you for another, for to cause you pain, is to cause injury unto myself

So, if I say ‘I love you,’
you are loved as purely as my mortal being can love and as eternally as God
may grant me.

When I say ‘I love you.’

©Brenda-Lee RantaIMG_20180922_134925_298

About My Mind

About my Mind

Words follow me
Thought bubbles
above my head

A young girl
dragged her
left foot a little,
causing her shoe
to turn in, as she
passed slowly
in front of my
car, at the light.

A short man in
a business suit,
kept pushing his
shirt back into
his trousers,
walking quickly,
his face turned
towards the wind,
his suit jacket
billowing behind

An old woman
clutched her hand-
bag to her chest,
as though she
carried a thousand
dollar bank deposit,
warily weaving
between the throngs
of people rushing by
her on the sidewalk.

My thought bubbles
ask me what went
through their minds,
in the middle of a
sleepless night,
when whispering
their secrets to
bedroom ceilings.

©Brenda-Lee Ranta