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It seeps in, a constant drip which bows the canvas of the psyche, the weight of it finally permeating within, filling each crevice. Resilient but not invincible, she bowed to it, conceded to it, till, from the strain, from the constant drip of it; she became flawed. Try as she might to return to former […]

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New Release “Heart Sounds” By Brenda-Lee Ranta — Creative Talents Unleashed

Preface … Awareness speaks within me, slowly, in each new day. I was not cognizant of it in real time; but in retrospect, I am astounded by the various ways in which I have grown and evolved as a human being. Conversely, I am also aware of where I have fallen from the ideals I […]

via New Release “Heart Sounds” By Brenda-Lee Ranta — Creative Talents Unleashed

To Whom it May Concern:

I regret to inform you, that I will not be able to keep our scheduled appointment. While you have been extremely busy creating a crisis a day, casting dispersions upon the already downtrodden, the subjugated and the discriminated, I have been in quiet observation.

I don’t claim to be extraordinary, by any stretch of the imagination. Nor, do I boast of being of great wealth or stature. I spend my days with my hands elbow deep in dishwater, folding laundry and pushing a vacuum. I had a long career of which I was proud, but now, as you can see, my attention to detail are paid to simpler tasks. My thoughts are not given to stoking the fires of doubt; instead I am focussed on the rudimentary, which is my own existence. My simple pleasures are found in words, truthful words, kinder words; peaceful words. Creating by whatever means, is my passion, to which my energies are far better served.

So, without apology, I will not be attending our appointment. If you see me sitting on a park bench, twirling a tendril of hair around my fingers, with a vague look on my face, a small smile curling at the corners of my mouth; please know that you are not in my thoughts. I give my thoughts to those I love and my simple, humble existence. I have flown to the sky with the birds, flying freely among the stars.


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