Lid on a Jar


So filled up
consumed by thoughts
spun in a ravenous loom,

So filled up
by worries that push
my eyes open at night

So filled up
leaving me breathless;
fearful of tomorrow

So filled up
by that which hangs
in perilous pauses

So filled up
and I can’t exhale
suffocated by unknowns

So filled up
So filled up

© Brenda-Lee Ranta 2019



On knee fall
we send supplications
Just one pause from
drinking of the sour grape
in a vinyard that once
flooded with sweet nectar
We that pruned
our own branches
lest the land rest for
a time and again
Repose in our silences
giving due cogitation
to seeds we have sown
in great haste
in great waste
till our knees bruise as purple
as the souls of the reviled

© Brenda-Lee Ranta 2019

Murmuring 1 by Brenda-Lee Ranta — Creative Talents Unleashed

two voices are speaking to you. One is the mind the other is the heart only one is worth having a conversation with © Brenda-Lee Ranta Excerpt from the book Heart Sounds $13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and About the Author Canadian born, Brenda-Lee Ranta resides in her […]

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Featured Author: Brenda-Lee Ranta — Creative Talents Unleashed

Brenda-Lee Ranta composed her first poem at the age of seven. Throughout her life, she used prose as a means of logging her experiences in a life which has been under ‘constant construction.’ Amazing to her, is that at the age of 58, CTU Publishing Group published her first book, “Myriad of Perceptions,” to be […]

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Trembling Toward the Sun by Scott Thomas Outlar — Creative Talents Unleashed

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Eulogy for a Life


Walking by the familiar
places, I am a stranger.
Mystical to live in the same body, now detached from a life I once lived
Another woman wore my skin but I do not know that young petulant imposter.
She is just some stranger who once shared my identity; lived in a Victorian
house, lined with ancient oak trees where large black squirrels would chatter. She had not a clue what she was doing or who she even was.
I don’t think I knew her at all. We are nothing but strangers now.

© Brenda-Lee Ranta 2019

Distant Drum

“Rhythms hanging
in the night sky
skipping upon stars,
as percussive
I see him there
on this moon lit night;
his changing images
lighting a pathway
He and I beneath
the same black skies
connecting the stars
a thousand miles apart
connecting hearts in
rhythms that are
calling me back home”

© Brenda-Lee Ranta 2019wallpaper-978000_1280