I always wrote; since I was a child. At the age of 21, I was blessed enough to live in Winnipeg with my Aunt Dolores/Godmother, while getting my career rolling, post college.

I secured employment with South Glen Insurance, selling home and auto insurance and as the outlet for Manitoba Public Insurance, was reportable to the Minister of Finance. It was a terrific first serious gig for me.

It was also a very important time for me emotionally. I moved to Manitoba to regroup. I was a very cerebral person, albeit a bit too sullen; trying to find my way. I digress..

My Aunt, who I have adored my whole life, encouraged me to talk to her, to open up to her. She was incredibly nurturing.

One night, while, spilling my guts to her and rather emotional, she said some very important words to me: “Brenda, if you feel it deeply – it is always worth hearing!”

Nobody had ever said that to me. I was 21 years old and never had it occurred to me that anyone would truly be interested in what I had to say. I recently had occasion to tell my Aunt, now 84 years old, the profound impact her words had on me.

It only occurred to me in the past few years, that she gave me the courage in a subliminal way, to give my thoughts words and to give wings to my words and at almost 61 years old, I am a published writer which translates into being brave enough to take rejection at times but also to celebrate freedom of expression.

To my Aunt… I thank you for what you do innately; you are an inspiring, nurturing soul.

My personal lesson. Be present to people who confide in you and choose carefully your words. If they come to you in earnest, listen…it could be something that they carry with them a lifetime!


life encounters
Souls that come,
to leave behind
their echoes
& their whispers
Once everything,
becomes nothing;
lingering energy
that once held love
The void they leave
behind; destined to
be filled by another,
then another, again,
until finally there
is no longer the
from a heart that
is heard cracking
Finality, therefore
is illusory when
life is truly

© Brenda-Lee Ranta 2019


“It has been a long protracted
journey so far.

~Self-acceptance and self-love is often time the hardest lesson to learn on this sojourn known as life. ~

~Forgive others quickly and do not harbor resentments towards them. Foremost, start forgiving yourself for the self-neglect and self-deprication. You have always been worth the time.❤”~

© Brenda-Lee Ranta 2019

A Little Realism

(I will not apologize)

I was in the checkout;
my basket heavy
Everything seemed
surreal suddenly;
shopping I mean.
Surreal that while I’m
impatient to get to my
car with my usual
shopping anxiety;
my neighbouring
country is holding
small brown children
in cages

I have a rescue dog.
He was in a cage
for eight weeks with
his sad brown eyes;
little ribs visible
through his fur, so
we took him home,
loved him, fed him,
worried about his
separation anxiety
if we left our house
without him

He becomes so distraught
that he pees on our floor,
overturns his food dish,
then watches out the
window for us till we return.
He has a name, Jake;
the name he came with.

So, I’m standing in line
and I’m thinking,
Jesus Christ,
in our neighbouring
country, small children,
babies under the age
of two, are being held
in cages for months
at a time; I mean our
our own human children.

The talking heads and
the pundits spend 24
hours discussing a lunatic,
guving his insane behavour
crediblility as a leader,
debating his pathological
tendencies ad nauseam

Jesus Christ….

In the name of God,
when is somebody
actually going to
do something and
rescue the children
who are in cages?

Have we all gone crazy?

Circa f-ing 2019

© Brenda-Lee RantaIMG_20190721_013608_030

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