A Little Realism

(I will not apologize)

I was in the checkout;
my basket heavy
Everything seemed
surreal suddenly;
shopping I mean.
Surreal that while I’m
impatient to get to my
car with my usual
shopping anxiety;
my neighbouring
country is holding
small brown children
in cages

I have a rescue dog.
He was in a cage
for eight weeks with
his sad brown eyes;
little ribs visible
through his fur, so
we took him home,
loved him, fed him,
worried about his
separation anxiety
if we left our house
without him

He becomes so distraught
that he pees on our floor,
overturns his food dish,
then watches out the
window for us till we return.
He has a name, Jake;
the name he came with.

So, I’m standing in line
and I’m thinking,
Jesus Christ,
in our neighbouring
country, small children,
babies under the age
of two, are being held
in cages for months
at a time; I mean our
our own human children.

The talking heads and
the pundits spend 24
hours discussing a lunatic,
guving his insane behavour
crediblility as a leader,
debating his pathological
tendencies ad nauseam

Jesus Christ….

In the name of God,
when is somebody
actually going to
do something and
rescue the children
who are in cages?

Have we all gone crazy?

Circa f-ing 2019

© Brenda-Lee RantaIMG_20190721_013608_030

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