About the Soul

The smell of candle wax is
scented by the guilt of flock;
with their chafed knees,
starving for redemption
in each supplication to
the human being in the box

It is never by guilt that they
shall experience redemption
According to them that live
in the box, we are are born
tainted, forgetting that each
newly birthed soul was delivered
from the hands of God himself;
yet the flock are drowning in
twisted contradictions that
keep them endless on their
knees, performing rote contritions.

Joyless is the soul that
believes that it was birthed
as being perpetually stained;
for the soul was born to
experience love through the
soul, not in spite of it.

© Brenda-Lee Ranta 2019


A Little Something About Cultism

Perhaps it’s the ability to shock or jar you.

You can’t stop watching; however it causes you to squirm a little, leaving you unsettled. You disagree with basically everything being presented at a moral, spiritual and intellectual level; you actually feel a tad guilty for entertaining these notions. There is an attraction here, however. It appeals to your lower nature, although everything being spewed at you is 99% untruthful.

The dichotomy of cultism, is that you become part of a populous, seducing you into a common kinship; albeit a warped sense of kinship. It silently grates away at your own sense of righteousness and human respect.

We are witness to cultism daily, being played out in many countries, on many political stages. For all our education and access to factual information, we have forgotten that history books are filled with the images of horrific outcomes, when large masses of people turned off their moral barometers and kept watching.

Cultism is this:
Fields and fields of sheep are walking blindly to the edge of a huge precipice, except they never fall to their demise alone.

© Brenda-Lee Ranta 2019